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Herbal tea

It is a tea made exclusively from the leaves, fruits, flowers and seeds of the plant.<br> It has narrowly targeted effects on the body.<br> For example, it improves blood circulation, metabolism, eyesight and general health.


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Herbal teas made from medicinal herbs harvested in ecologically clean regions. Herbs, leaves, fruits and seeds are naturally dried. That is why each packet contains as many beneficial substances as possible. Composition chosen so that they can beneficially affect the body, have a pleasant taste and aroma.


Our herbal teas are of the highest quality. Ingredients are carefully selected and sorted. Each collection of herbs selected by experts taking into account the peculiarities of the components. We are able to provide you with herbal teas for the following purposes:


Choose and order herbal teas at Stolbushino


Choose a therapeutic collection will help our experienced managers and consultants. They will tell you what flavor the herb collection have the best way to brew them. All types of products have a reasonable price.


Buy herbal tea offers at any time on the website. You can also order the herbal collection during a phone call. The catalogue presents the best herbal teas, and we offer to try them. We offer delivery of goods in Russia. A large assortment of the catalogue provides excellent opportunities for choice. Take care of your own health and be healthy!

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The company Stolbushinsky Product was founded in 2009.

We make drinks and treats using a special recipe from berries and herbs grown in an ecologically clean area of the Pskov region.

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